Friday, December 7, 2018

Kuala Lumpur - Peter's Pork Noodle and Curry Laksa at Moneys Corner Food Court

One day we were wandering around the Brickfields neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur and needed something to eat. I'd read about a food court in the area. I'd heard it was a bit hard to find, and I'm glad I did my research since we would never have found it otherwise.

A little sign points down a nondescript alley way. Walking down, and ducking in through a dim doorway, we emerged into a bustling little food oasis packed with people on their lunch break.

After finding one of the few empty seats, we ordered a bowl from "Peter's Pork Noodle".

It was simple, but really satisfying - a delicate pork broth with rice noodles, greens and a generous amount of tender pork slices.

There was a stand right near our table selling curry laksa, so we jumped at the chance to get a bowl of that as well.

Also really good.

The intense, curry-flavored broth was still light enough to be eaten as a soup. It was packed with assorted fish balls, bits of fish cake, a bit of chicken and a mound of nicely textured round wheat noodles.

Seated at a table with a group of friendly locals that seems somewhat surprised that we'd found our way here, it was a very enjoyable lunch.

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