Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lunch at Mercado Hidalgo - Tacos Fitos and Carnitas El Jerezano

Tacos Fitos

Having worked up an appetite exploring Tijuana's Mercado Hidalgo, we headed outside to the North corner, where there were a number of places selling tacos de birria de res - tacos made with stewed beef.

We stopped at Tacos Fitos, which I had read about on the Masa Assasin blog.

Tacos Fitos

We tried both the birria de res taco and the taco campechano (shown on the left, below), which was made with a combination of birria and tripe.

Birria and campechano tacos at Tacos Fitos

Here is a closer shot of the birria taco:

Taco de Birria de Res at Tacos Fitos

Both tacos were fantastic. Super flavorful.

After wandering around the market some more, we stopped at one of restaurants in the interior - Carnitas El Jerezano:

Carnitas El Jerezano

The carnitas was just ok, but the place was comfortable, the staff was friendly and the freshly made corn tortillas were great

Carnitas El Jerezano

Tacos Fitos and Carnitas El Jerezano were but two of many dining options in and around Mercado Hidalgo. Rest assured that if you come to visit the market, you will not go hungry.


  1. Those tacos look so good. Look at all that meat.

    1. Hi Carol - the birria at Tacos Fitos was very good. Highly recommended.


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