Monday, December 24, 2007

Roasted Marrow Bones with Parsley Salad

Talk about decadence! Hot beef bones straight from the oven. Digging in with a small spoon to extract the jiggly goodness inside. The marrow gets spread onto a toasted bread round, topped with some parsley salad, sprinkled with sea salt and down the hatch.

As I watched the "bone juice" slowly solidify on my plate, I couldn't help thinking about my arteries doing the same. Not a dish to have regularly, but definitely a fun occasional extravagance.


  1. I love bone marrow...

  2. Is this the recipe from Fergus Henderson's first book? Looks great!

  3. Thanks, they were great - very rich. Actually, for this dish I followed the recipe from Bones, by Jennifer McLagan. It's very similar - she even mentions that she adapted it from Fergus's book, The Whole Beast. Primary differences: 1) she soaks the bones in ice water to remove the blood and 2) she adds celery leaves and arugula to the parsley salad.


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